Gristlegrim's Monsters Pterodactyls

Leather-winged, long-beaked, armed with needle sharp teeth and claws, these squawking monsters patrol the skies and swoop down on prey with all the speed and savagery of hawks, and a lot more impact. Ranging in size from chicken to jumbo jet, they sometimes fly in flocks. The smaller they are, the more likely that is to be true. Roll 1D10 for the number appearing.

Level 1--M.R = 15
Level 2--M.R. = 45
Level 3--M.R. = 135
Level 4--M.R. = 500
Level 5--M.R. = 1500
Level 6--M.R. = 4500

Pterodactyl monster ratings need not come in exactly at the numbers shown above. Anything between 15 and 44 counts as level 1, 45 and 134 counts as level 2, and so forth. Adjust monster toughness to give the delvers a good fight.

Pterodactyls, like crows, love shiny objects. They litter their crudely built nests of sticks with all the gold, silver, jewels, and other shiny stuff that they can find. They swallow stones to help digest their food; there may well be jewels in their stomachs or gizzards.