Gristlegrim's Monsters MehTeh

The MehTeh is a fearsome carnivore and top of the food chain in it's habitat.

MehTeh by David A. UlleryOnly living above the snowline the MehTeh has a pure white pelt, white horns and claws. They only hunt during snow storms where they charge out of the dark in a whirling of horns, claws and fangs.

When fighting a MehTeh in a snowstorm, adventurers must first roll a Level 1 SR on Luck to meet the MehTeh's first attack. If the roll is missed, the MehTeh gets a free attack in before the adventurer can defend himself.

Fortunately, MehTeh hunt singly - not in packs.

Unfortunately, MehTeh seem to know who the weakest member of a party is and if they are on the periphery of the group that is who they pounce upon.

Often tales come back from the mountains of party members disappearing in a storm leaving behind only a spray of blood and an echo of a scream.

Monster Ratings:

Level 1 About 10 feet tall m.r. 50
Level 2 About 12 feet tall m.r. 75
Level 3 About 14 feet tall m.r. 100
Level 4 About 16 feet tall m.r. 125
Level 5 About 18 feet tall m.r. 150
Level 6 About 20 feet tall m.r. 175

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