Hela's House of Dark Delights for Tunnels & Trolls

Your hostess leads you out of the Great Chamber and into a room filled with books and scrolls. Then she hands you a list of questions to answer, not ordinary questions, but extremely difficult ones such as "How old is Lerotra'hh?" She tells you that all of the answers can be found in the books of this room, and that you have one hour to answer all the questions. Then she leaves you alone. Time fairly flies until her return. (Make your own level saving roll on Intelligence. If you make the saving roll, add whatever you made it by to your IQ to get a new IQ rating. This represents excess knowledge you picked up while looking through the books. If you missed the saving roll, subtract the difference you missed by to get a new IQ rating. If your IQ rating falls to 0 or less, you burst your brain and died here.) She says to you, "I hope you have enjoyed the challenge. Now it is time to leave."