Tunnels & Trolls Fantasy Role Playing Game : Hela's House of Dark Delights

Look up your spell in the rulesbook. Your foe throws the spell right below yours in the rulesbook. (Example: if you threw a Take That You Fiend spell, your foe would throw a Vorpal Blade on its knife and attack you with it in the same combat turn. It would get its hits and you would not be able to defend against the physical attack.) Your foe has exactly the same attributes as you do, except for its CON rating which will equal double your IQ rating. If you slay it with one spell, you get 1000 adventure points. If it kills you, oh well... If you both live at the end of the spell-casting, take adventure points times 10 for the Strength used in spell-casting. Your hostess will now lead you out of the House.