Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht

1A Gristlegrim's Restaurant

You find yourself standing before a podium looking into a large dim room in which perhaps a score of tables sit, each with a single black candle shedding a wan light from the center. Most of the tables are empty, but about five have one or more Dwarves sitting at them, all happily stuffing food into their hairy faces. Their favorite dish seems to be some sort of thick porridge, but one Dwarf is brandishing the leg of a large bird while gulping a flagon of ale. On one side of the room is a bandstand where half a dozen Dwarves are warming up on various stringed instruments, most of which are totally unfamiliar to you. You do recognize the Grand Harp. They are all wearing oddly-cut black coats, and their beards are neatly trimmed and oiled. They do have Dwarven great axes leaning besides their chairs. A Dwarven maiden-possibly the prettiest Dwarf you've ever seen, comes forward and greets you. "Your table is waiting, Sir. Please follow me." She sways off toward the center of the room.

If you follow her to the table and take a seat, go to 1B. If you attack her, go to 1C. If you decide to attack the musicians, go to 1D. If you don't follow her, but start searching the room for an exit, go to 1E