Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht

3A Gristlegrim's Tomb

You find yourself within the cool gray walls of a tomb. Tis a narrow place, scarce 20 feet wide, but very high-the ceiling is lost in darkness far above you. A flight of steps leads downward to where 3 huge sarcophagi lie in state upon raised daises. This is no resting place for mortal men-the coffins are at least 20 feet long and exceedingly wide. On the side walls, two fluttering torches shine eternally, imparting a pleasant aroma of burnt pine. Tis an eerie scene, made even eerier by the two 17-foot-tall skeletal guardians that stand silently on either side of the largest coffin. Each holds a great halbard of true silver in its bony fingers, and the skulls are adorned with upward thrusting tusks of gleaming yellow enamel. You glance around to see if there is anything else, but no, only blank stone waits at your back. You must go forward and take a look. Go to 3B.