Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


You are looking at ten statues arranged in a circle as if they were looking at the treasure chest in the center. They are incredibly lifelike-you can count the hairs in their beards, see the pores in their noses. And they are wearing clothing, and carrying weapons suitable for their kindreds. In fact, it strikes you that there is something magical about these statues..

You see: (1) a leprechaun, (2) a fairy, (3) a hobb, (4) a ratling, (5) a skeleton-man, (6) an ogre, (7) a goblin, (8) an urook, (9) a gremlin, (10) a dwarf.

If you wish to touch one of the statues, write down which one you touch and go to 6F. If you decide to ignore the statues and open the treasure chest, go to 6C. If you want to search the room very, very carefully, tapping the floor and walls to search for secret doors, or if you want to use an Oh There It Is spell to do this search, go to 6H. If you would like to stop and cast a magic spell, go to 6G. If you ignore all those options and decide to wait a bit, go to 6D.