Gristlegrim's Monsters : Foolkillers

Humpty Dumpty as a monster, armed with a big steel spatula. He should be dressed like an English schoolboy of the 19th century.

Fool Killer by David A. Ullery

The Foolkiller only fights one character at a time, all the others in the room will be paralized until the combat is over. It is a kind of spirit monster--seems real while in combat, but disappears with a horrible rotten egg stench when defeated. It often guards magical treasures.

To cast magic against the Foolkiller requires the magician to make an intelligence saving roll on the same level as the spell being cast. Failing means the spell fizzles, but the power is still lost. Beating the Foolkiller always doubles the victor's Intelligence rating. Losing is invariably fatal.

Foolkillers can be any level monster.

Level 1: 40
Level 2: 80
Level 3: 120
Level 4: 160
Level 5: 200
Level 6: 240

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