Gristlegrim's Monsters Gorgons

Gorgon by David A. UlleryIf looks could kill, these would be the true femme fatales. Gorgons are sorceresses who grow snakes on their head instead of hair. They may have levels, and for the sake of ease in playing, I rate them as 25 points per level. These lovely ophidian girls know standard T & T spells according to their levels. Level 1 gorgons know level one spells. Level 2 know first and second; and so forth.

Just seeing a gorgon is enough to turn a man to stone. Therefore, when gorgons appear, the first thing that must happen is every adventurer must make a Luck saving roll on the level of the monsters to see if they were looking when the monster appeared. If they weren't looking, but see one of their companions turn to stone, make a first level Intelligence saving roll to see if they figured out the nature of their foe.

The game master must role-play gorgons carefully. Perseus slew his gorgon foe when she was asleep, but monsters in Gristlegrim don't lie around sleeping very often, and one to three gorgons can be very difficult to beat for even high level characters. Ideally, each gorgon would have complete stats as if she were human, but if you are in a hurry, treat them as monsters with ratings, and no limit on spell-casting.

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