Gristlegrim's Monsters Goblins

Goblins are green humanoid monsters who wear armor and carry weapons. They like wet or dank places. They have webs between their toes. They are hairless, and look a bit froglike--large mouths, large eyes. They usually carry bronze or iron weapons, and like to fight with big knives instead of swords.

When people think of goblins, they usually think of small grotesqueries, but in fact, goblins grow continuously unless they are killed. Hobgoblins are just bigger goblins over level six. Trollgoblins are level 12 and up. Fortunately, most of them do die young.

Goblins generally come in bunches. Roll 1D20 plus 1 to determine how many appear when summoned or encountered. On a roll of 19 or 20, add and roll again.

Many goblins are a bit cowardly. If it looks like they might get hurt, there is a chance that they will talk instead of fighting. A good goblin joke could break the ice and avert combat. Typical goblin joke: how do you tell a good elf from a bad elf? Answer: bad elves give you indigestion. Here's another: Did you hear about the good dwarf? No. He's dead. Jokes of this nature will almost always result in goblin laughter, and if there are no elves or dwarves in the delver party, they might have a good chance to talk their way out of trouble.

There is wide variation among goblins in size and appearance and even abilities. Your goblins may vary, but keep them grotesque.

Level 1: 20
Level 2: 40
Level 3: 60
Level 4: 80
Level 5: 100
Level 6: 120