Gristlegrim's Monsters Hornets

Most people have had an encounter with a bee or a wasp or a hornet in their lifetimes. These insects sting, and it hurts like a needle of fire driven into your body. They inject a venom that is lethal to some people. Trollworld hornets are bright orange in color and about an inch long. Their venom is strong and nasty. Give them a monster-rating of 2, and a character must make a L3SR on Luck or Deterity to actually hit one.

Such tiny monsters aren't usually much of a threat, but these usually appear in swarms of several hundred. Roll 1D10 and multiply by 100 to see how many are attacking when they appear. For example, if the swarm has 400 hornets in it, the G.M. would roll damage as if for a monster with a rating of 800. Delver damage only counts if they make the L3SR on Luck or Dexterity.

The best defense against hornets is to run away, get out of the open, or under water--things that are not easy to do inside Gristlegrim. These bugs can kill delvers quite handily--if attacked by them, players will have to think their way out of the situation instead of fighting their way out.