Gristlegrim's Monsters Giant, Two-headed

Muscular, ugly, uncouth, clad in a mangy bear-pelt loin-cloth, armed with a big, spiked club, it's Bash and Smash, the two-headed giant. Gristlegrim's giants have a tendancy to bash things first and ask questions afterwards (deeply probing questions like: are you dead yet?).

Giant, 2 headed by David A. UlleryMonster Ratings:

Level 1 About 10 feet tall m.r. 34
Level 2 About 20 feet tall m.r. 68
Level 3 About 30 feet tall m.r. 136

Giants don't get bigger than 30 feet tall inside Gristlegrim. They carry no treasure, and only another giant would want their spiked club as a weapon. They smell real bad. Only one will appear at a time.

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