Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 213--Giant World

Giant World is a world of hills and mountains. The delvers enter it through a door in the side of a hill, and when they leave it will be the same way. Every hill or mountain has one such door, but they are well hidden and it will take a L7SR on LK to find another one. There is only one door per hill, and only one attempt at finding it is allowed.

Giant World is a primitive place. Everything is made of natural materials: wood, stone, bone, cloth, clay. The hills are mostly forested, although there are some that are simply grassy or rocky. In the forest roam huge beasts: mega-fauna. Cave bears, dire wolves, aurochs, mammoths, giant sloths, woolly rhinocerous-every sort of oversized animal you can imagine. Even the raccoons and squirrels are the size of wolves on Trollworld.

On some hilltops there are castles, gigantic castles for their gigantic inhabitants. These castles have stone walls hundreds of feet high, towers inside them thousands of feet high. The smallest rooms inside them are 50 feet high and hundreds of feet wide. A typical table is 20 feet off the floor-chairs are ten feet high at the seat area. Giants live in these castles. The average giant is 30 to 40 feet tall. There are some as tall as 100 feet. They can be either male or female.

Giants are incredibly hairy-they have body pelts like gorillas. The men have beards that spread out from every pore on the face below the nose and extend in great flowing waves of hair all the way down to their stomachs. The women don't have beards, but they have plenty of body hair and manes that cover their backs. Monster ratings for these creatures are figured as 10 times their body height-thus a 35 foot tall giant would have a M.R. = 350.

Giants keep humans as a slave race. Although incredibly big and strong, giants are also the laziest people in the world. Humans cook, and clean, and farm the giant farms, and herd the giant cattle.

The giants are all magicians. They have some spells in common with Trollworld, but others are unique to their culture. Spells for growing, shrinking, and hiding things are most common. Battle spells are well known-and the giants hurl fireballs and lightning bolts at each other with utter abandon. Giants are enchanters, and they delight in casting enchantments upon people and animals. Feel free to invent plenty of bizarre enchantments and curses to test the delvers in Giant World.

There is no metal in Giant World. Any metallic objects brought in by the delvers become treasures of great price. Giants will battle each other for iron skillets or copper tassets. The typical giant weapon is simply an uprooted pine tree used as a club. They also have giant rock hammers that literally weigh a ton.

A typical quest in Giant World might be to bring back a giant artifact or animal-the golden goose for example. Such a goose might lay bright yellow eggs that are not really gold but certainly look like it. Or perhaps rescue a person, or learn a giant spell.

Example Giant World Spells

Level 1



Wiz Cost: 10 points for every 1% change in size
Range: Touch
Duration: Instantaneous, Permanent
Power up: No - See description

Description: Although only a level 1 spell this can be incredibly powerful, but also very costly to cast. The spell will increase or decrease the size of any organic thing, whether that is a wooden bowl or a human slave. If cast on a being, ony attributes related to size will be altered, Strength and Constitution and Speed but the remaining attributes and any talents will not be changed.

Level 2



Wiz Cost: 12 points
Range: A circle centred on the caster with a radius equal to the caster's IQ in yards.
Duration: Instantaneous, Permanent
Power up: Yes, for each additional 12 points the radius expands by a distance equal to the caster's IQ in yards.

Description: All vegetation within the radius of the spells withers, dies and rots down to a smelly sludge. It makes pretty good compost - the giants use it to quickly clear new farmland.

Level 4



Wiz Cost: 15 per Kilogram (OK substitute whatever weight you like about the size of a bag of sugar)
Range: Touch
Duration: Instantaneous, Permanent
Power up: No

Description: As there is so little metal on Giant world, no metal working skills have ever been learned. This spell will convert any metalic object into any shape or design of the same weight and in the same proportion of metals that the caster wants. Alloys remain as alloys, the giants don't understand the concept or chemistry, brass is brass. Right?