Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 231--Copper Casket

The room is the standard 100 foot hollow cube. The walls are a soft glowing gray. On the floor in the center of the room is a huge copper disk about 3 inches thick and 20 feet in diameter. In the center of the disk is a small copper casket about a foot square that is welded to the disk. Inside the casket is a huge jewel of polished serpentine worth 1300 gold pieces. It is enchanted with functional magic--the casket, that is, not the gem.

The room appears to have no doors in it once the adventurers get inside. Even the one they entered by vanishes. No way out will appear until someone has taken the jewel out of casket. Then a doorway shimmers into view on the south wall.

Of course, touching the jewel also summons one or more level 2 monsters from Monster Control. Bamf!