Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 244--Treasure on the Table

The room is relatively small and cozy--only 20 feet square. The walls are a glaring crimson color, and an eye-hurting red light fills the room. There is nothing in this room, but a rather odd steel table in the center. The edges of the table are rimmed in red glass. Piled in the center of the table are a lot of gold coins--Gristlegrim's gold that looks like this.

Gristlegrim's Gold

It is, of course, a trap, but the G.M. should not tell the players that. Should anything living break the plane that rises vertically from each edge of the table, a magical trap will be activated that will slice said object right off. There is a slight delay of about half a second before the laser beam projects from the table edge. The beam is intense, and will slice through any inorganic substance less resistant than mithril. The game master should probably figure that any adventurer who suffers an amputation will lose one fourth of their Constitution, followed by death from rapid bleeding unless he gets immediate help.

Using something inorganic, like the blade of a sword to simply scrape the money off the table would work perfectly well. However, attacking and trying to destroy the table will result in swift retaliation as Monster Control will teleport a whole bunch of level two monsters into the room to attack the adventurers if the table is molested in any way--one monster for each member of the party. This will also happen if the party should dither for more than ten minutes.

The room has sliding doors in the west, north, and east walls. West requires strength of 7 to open it; north requires 22; east needs 15. There is a circular stairway leading both up and down in a shaft in the northeast corner of the room.