Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 220--Staircase Room

This is a standard Gristlegrim room, but the floor is arranged as a step pyramid.

Every ten feet the delver moves toward the center of the room sees the floor rise abruptly by 10 feet. There are doors in the center of the north and south walls. That means there are five levels in the room with the highest being a square 20' by 20' that is 20' higher than floor level by the walls.

At the very top sits an ogre with a monster rating of 98 (10D6 + 49). When anyone enters the room, he calls out "I'm the King of the Castle, and you're a dirty rascal, and I've got the gold."

If anyone starts to climb toward him, he hops up and down and brandishes his club and yells ogre war cries.

If delvers ignore him and stick to the first or second levels he will throw small gold ingots at them, each weighing about a pound, and doing 10D6 damage if they hit. To avoid being hit make a L2SR on Speed on the lowest level, L3SR on Speed on the 2nd level, L4SR on Speed on the 3rd level, L5SR on Speed on the 4th level, and if you get to the top it's hand-to-hand combat.

At the top the ogre has a box with one gold ingot in it. When the ingot is taken out, another gold ingot appears. This magic only works as long as the box is at the top of the pyramid in this room. Ingots not being carried by anyone fade away after one combat turn and go back to the Gristlegrim treasury.