Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 237--Bones' Bones

This is a standard Gristlegrim room with doors on every wall.

In the center is a long oblong table with a dozen chairs. Seated and standing around the table are a dozen living skeletons, warriors by the look of them with leather armor and the tulwar blades and oval shields that they favor. They are playing dice--gambling for money. When the delvers enter the room, they are invited to join the game.

If the delvers accept the offer they will learn how to play the gambling game of Bones. If they decide to attack the skeletons, they will have to fight and beat 7 warriors with monster ratings of 50 each. If they just want to exit through another door, they can do that too. The fun, of course, would be in learning how to play Bones.

Bones is a gambling game, usually played for gold, but any coinage will do. It consists of two rounds--one called Throwing the Bones, and one called Gathering the Bones.

  • Each player chooses a number of dice from 1 to potentially anything, although more than 4 would be impractical.
  • They choose whether to play multiples add and roll over or not.
  • Then they throw their chosen number of dice and add that number in coin to the general pot.
  • Characters throwing lower numbers of dice roll first and contribute first.

For example, if delver Khenn were playing and chose to use 2 dice with DARO, then he would roll 2D6. If he rolled poorly, say 6 and 6, then 6 and 5 Khenn would have to put 23 gold pieces into the pot.

After everyone has had their turn at Throwing the Bones, it is time to take turns at Gathering the Bones.

  • Each player makes the same dice roll that they made in the Throwing the Bones round and take that number of coins from the pot.

When Khenn's turn comes, he would roll 2D6 again. Let's say he rolls poorly again, and only gets 7. He would take 7 gold pieces out of the pot and pass the dice to the next player. Net loss for that round of play would be 16 gold pieces.

  • Players may choose to go DARO, TARO, FARO, etc. and any combination of them, so long as they pay and play by the same rules when throwing and gathering.
  • If a player cannot pay his throw roll, he is out of the game.
  • If a player wins all the money left in the pot on his gather roll, the game is over.

If the GM doesn't like this game, he may invent his own version of Bones' Bones.