Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 238--Gnomic Weapons Shop

This is not a standard Gristlegrim room. It appears to be a small armory on a small street, although the street comes out of a wall of stone and goes into a wall of stone.

There is a bar, much like you would find in a tavern, and behind the bar are rows and rows of shelves full of mysterious objects--mostly wands and rods, but there are globes and boxes and flasks. Above all hangs a sign that reads: Gnary Gnome's Fine Weaponry--the best weapons on Trollworld from the most peaceful race on the planet.

Behind the bar stands an old bearded gnome, rubbing his hands together at the sight of the delvers. Yum! Customers! Gnary the Gnome offers various weapons for sale.

Gnomic Weapons Shop by David A. Ullery

The way in is also the only way out, but it doesn't lead back to the same room that brought you here.

Players may buy Gnomic weapons peacefully, or they can leave. Any hint of violence or theft will result in a big CLOSED sign popping up out of nowhere and the delvers finding themselves lost in a gray fog that will eventually clear to find them outside of Gristlegrim, magically minus all the money they were carrying. Gristlegrim robs robbers.

No Gnomic weapon does killing damage. They do stun damage only, and are rated by how many dice of stun damage they do. The following weapons are for sale:

  • Lightning Rods--shoot bolts of electricity that do knock-out damage only. 100 g.p. per die of damage. If damage exceeds CON, the target passes out. Lightning rods have a range of 10 feet, and never miss.
  • Lightning Rifles--same as lightning rods but with a range of 100 feet. They cost 1000 g.p. per die of damage.
  • Sleep bombs--globes of sleep gas rated by potency. It costs 100 g.p. for each 10 points of CON or Monster rating to be overcome.
  • Zonkers--a magical weapon that looks like a whip. It costs 1000 gold pieces per d6 of effectiveness, but the mere touch of the lash on the body paralizes any creature, regardless of monster rating for as many d6 of combat turns as the zonker has. Scoring a hit requires making a DEX saving roll on the level of the target creature.

Feel free to invent other gnomish weapons that incapacitate without killing. They should all be fairly expensive.

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