Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 241--Slinging in the Rain

This is not a standard Gristlegrim room.

It appears to be a small hill in a misty, drizzly, rainy forest. The trees are rather widespread. Atop the hill is a low rampart of stone, about five feet high. Inside the rampart stand ten urukin warriors, each armed with a sling and pouch of shot.

Once the players enter the room, there doesn't appear to be any way out of this pocket universe. They must take the fort atop the hill. The urukin fight in waves so that there is at least one bullet heading for each delver each turn. To avoid being hit, each delver must make a L2SR on either Luck or Speed, their choice. Sling bullets do 3D6 + 10 damage if they hit, but armor can be used to protect against them.

If the delvers take the hill, they will find a trapdoor with a rope ladder leading down to room 354 on level 3. If it looks like the delvers will reach the fort, the urukin will make a fighting retreat through the trapdoor. If they have to fight hand to hand, they are armed with seaxes, and have monster ratings of 40 each.

They have no treasure. They have some food. Their only purpose is to keep delvers trapped in this gloomy forest forever.