Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 405--The Iron Troll Room

This is a standard Gristlegrim room with doors in the center of all 4 walls. The eastern and western doors are locked and require 6 levels of Knock-knock spells to open them. There are spiral stairs in the northeast corner of the room going up to a random room on level 3 and down to a random room on level 5. The floor is painted in bands of black, brown, and orange, they are 20 feet wide. The painting has no purpose except to make the players ask dumb questions.

Sitting in the exact center of the room in the orange band is a huge iron statue of a troll, or perhaps it is not a statue because the eyes move forth and back to watch the delvers as they enter the room.

By the troll's knee is a sign printed in Dwarvish runes that says: I am sitting on the treasure and you can't have it.

The Iron Troll has a monster rating of 1500. Ordinarily, it will just sit there, but 3 things can make it attack: (1) the presence of elves or fairies in the delving party, (2) jewels of any kind among the delvers, (3) or if they attack it.

All non-magical weapons shatter against the troll, although they will do their damage in hits one time. Enchanted weapons, even if it is just a vorpal blade spell will not break.

If players don't get into a fight with the Iron Troll, they can talk to it. It may tell them interesting things about Monster Control, Gristlegrim, or itself. (Feel free to make things up-the troll is under no obligation to tell the truth, and may not even know the truth.). The troll guards a chest with 5000 gold pieces in it, but insists that the gold all belongs to him and will not share it unless he is killed or tricked in some fashion.

(Note: This troll is humongously strong and tough, but not particularly outstanding in any other categories. It has a WIZ rating of just 10 and is particularly susceptible to magic. It is 20 feet tall, and too wide to get out of any of the room's doors, but if players could find a way to get it out, they could gain a formidable ally.)