Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 418--The Room of Golden Statues

This room may have more wealth in it than any other room in the Gristlegrim complex, and that is because it seems like a cross between Medusa and King Midas's gardens. Every few feet there is another statue made of solid gold. Few of them show any fear--most of the faces show amazement or greed or awe. Many different kindreds are represented, though most of the statues seem human. The amount of detail is truly incredible.

The bottom of the room is coverd by about a foot of stagnant water in which water lillies and other plants grow. There is no dry surface in the room except for a raised area 10 feet square in the exact center of the room. The air seems to crackle with magic, or maybe it's just the high humidity and warm temperature of the place.

Millions of tiny insects live in the room--mostly gnats, midges, mosquitoes, and flies of different sorts. Small golden fish live in the water, none more than a foot in length. They are harmless and good to eat. The other major type of animal in the room is the frog--hundreds of frogs swim in the water, squat on the lily pads, or hop all over the golden statues. They range in size from 6 inches to 2 feet in total length, and their incessant croaking might easily get on a person's nerves. The frogs are not green, but instead are a brilliant crimson color like new-spilt blood, which fades to a pale orange on their underbellies and bottom surfaces. These are the fabled Nar-Annar Frogs, whose poisonous touch can turn a man to gold.

The Nar-Annar Frogs are not hostile in any sense, but they are curious and fearless, and there are a lot of them. Their magic does not always work. Once each game turn the G.M. should have each adventurer try to make a L4 saving roll on Luck--those who miss it are touched by a frog and turned into a golden statue. Note: the effect only works on living tissue, so the statues remain in their old clothing, most of which has rotted away in the damp atmosphere. Weapons, armor, treasure of all sorts may be found by those who search.

In the center of the room is a raised dais ten feet square that lifts about 4 feet out of the water. In the center of the dais are four golden boxes molded to look like giant frogs. They can be numbered one, two, three, four, though no numbers show on the boxes. They are not locked, but they are closed. The large heads may be lifted off to reveal what is inside. The boxes are glued to the stony floor and cannot be moved.

All of the boxes have something inside them. Number 1 contains 5 cursed carnelian stones--not set into any jewelry. Touching or disturbing them in any way will summon one randomly chosen level 4 guardian monster which will bamf into the room nearby. Number 2 contains a small but disgusting idol of something with the body of a frog, but the head of a cobra. It is carved from a slick green mineral known as serpentine. Touching it will call 1 to 20 serpent-men guardians which will attack with flame-blade daggers. Each serpent-man has a monster rating of 50. They wear no clothing and need none. They do not speak, and cannot be reasoned with--only slain once they begin their attack. They are immune to the frog poison. Frog box number 3 simply has 200 gold pieces inside it. The coins are unique because they show the frog-serpent idol on one side and a dripping four-pointed star on the other. They are not magical in any way. Frog-box number 4 has 4 golden bars inside it--gold with a picture of the frog-serpent idol on one side, and a serpent-man on the other. Again, there is no magic associated with these odd pieces of treasure.

There are no doors in the walls of this room. However, there are two stairways, one leading up at a 45 degree angle to a hatch in the ceiling. One leads down from a raised hatchway to the floor below. They are built in such a fashion that none of the water in the room, can flow into the stairway that leads downward. Adventurers will remain perfectly safe in this room as long as they are on a stairway; however, the bottom of the stairway leading up is in one corner, and the top of the stairway leading down is in another--about 100 feet apart.

Characters who are turned into golden statues may be carried out of the room--figure each statue at 20 times the weight of the original character, and may be restored to their fleshly lives by various magical means.

There is more treasure in this room than any group of adventurers can possibly hope to carry away, but dare them to try. This is one of the most dangerous rooms in all of Gristlegrim. If anyone manages to take one or more of the golden bars in frog box 4, then the downward staircase leads out of Gristlegrim to a safe haven where friendly wizards will restore any person who has been turned to gold. If they do not get a golden bar, the stairway simply leads to another room.