Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 436--Menacing Statues

This is a standard Gristlegrim room with secret doors in all four walls.

The door that the delvers enter by will vanish once it is permitted to close. Finding a door way out will require a L4SR on INT and a L4 Knock-knock spell to open it.

The doors are not the real challenge. The room itself is filled with dozens of ugly, evil, menacing statues. There are no Aztecs on Trollworld, but the statues look like Aztec work. They are of various sizes, ranging from Dwarf to Giant (about 3 feet to 12 feet tall). Some of the statues are made of gold or silver, and some have jewels for eyes. (For example, many have eyes made of polished obsidian while others use rubies or sapphires). Some seem to wear jewelry with real jewels instead of carved jewels-massive golden necklaces set with diamonds, golden bracelets with inset rubies, massive earrings of carved jade, etc.

If the delvers try to take the treasure, the statues come to life and defend themselves. Players state how big the statue they are trying to rob is, and the GM then gives that living statue a monster rating equal to 100 times its size in feet. (Example: players state that a statue is 4 feet tall-it would have a monster rating of 400.) Note that the statues are made of stone-cutting weapons have little effect on them, but smashing weapons break them up nicely. Magic weapons do full damage, but there should be an excellent chance of weapons breaking on every combat turn. For fun, get the players to contribute on what they see. Tell them they see an ugly statue and then ask them to help describe it. Give them small xp awards for helping imagine the room.

Assign values to stolen treasure commensurate with the difficulty in obtaining it. Example: that small statue with monster rating of 400 wouldn't have jewelry worth more than 1600 gold pieces. (I squared the height and added 2 zeroes.)