Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 410--Vine Room

This is not a standard Gristlegrim room. It is an arboreal wonderland-huge tree branches covered with vines going off in all directions.

Dimly visible in the center of the room is a pillar of stone with a platform on top. On that platform is a large golden bowl, and the bowl contains 20 gems from the random jewel generator. (Section 3.2 in the 5th edition rules.)

Arboral Pillar Bowl by David A. Ullery

The trees are alive with hordes of hungry monkey goblins - monster rating 30 each - 1D6 of them will attack each delver, each combat turn that players spend in the room.

To travel from branch to branch to platform generally requires swinging from vine to vine. Successful brachiation requires a DEX saving roll on a level equal to the number of monkey goblins currently attacking, but never lower than level 1.

To reach the central platform will require 5 successful saving rolls. Giant lotus flowers hang from the vines and exude a sickly sweet odor. A L1SR on CON will be necessary for each combat turn inside the Vine room to keep from falling asleep - that could be fatal with all the hungry, angry monkey goblins around…

Exit opportunities are provided by magical doors found in the trunks of certain trees. The doors are camouflaged and hard to see, but can be found by making a L3SR on LK whenever a delver starts looking for one.

Goblin monkeys are cannibals. If a delver manages to kill one, a second goblin monkey will stop what it's doing to gorge on the easy meat.

Artworks on this page Copyright 2010 David A. Ullery, used by kind permission.
Thanks go to Garrlakk.