Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 407--The Armor Closet

Unlike most rooms that are 100 feet cubical, this room takes the form of a narrow hallway. Wizards will sense a magic-dampening field extending throughout the hallway, they can neither work nor sense magic while within it.

Along one wall there are some 50 pegs set in a row about 7 feet off the ground. Hanging on the pegs are complete sets of mithril plate armor--helmet, breastplate, leggings, armguards, gauntlets, boots. When a party enters the room, they will find one set of armor designed to fit each member of the group--exactly one.

There is a sign in the Common Tongue. It reads: "For those who would like my protection, here is some of the finest armor on Trollworld. Help yourselves!--Gristlegrim"

This is very fine armor, but it is, of course, cursed. This armor will take up to 200 hits for the wearer. If the armor's protective capacity is not exceeded, then the delver wearing it, gets to apply his entire weapon roll in combat directly to the foe, even if the foe had a higher combat total. This makes the wearer of Gristlegrim's armor almost unbeatable except against very big foes indeed. Some curse, eh? The catch is that the wearer automatically goes berserk when combat starts--attacking friend and foe indiscriminately.

Once an armor wearer has gone berserk, normal T & T berserk rules apply, and he will keep attacking until he is either calmed by another player's Charisma saving roll, or he loses enough strength to fall insensible.

If sold, the set of armor would have a value of about 2000 gold pieces.

This armor room has a stairway leading both up and down at the northeast corner. It has doors in all four walls. The door in the eastern wall is locked and will require 4 Knock Knock spells to open. The other three doors require average strengths of 13 (north), 12 (west) and 15 (south) to open. The corridor is narrow, and not meant to be inhabited for long. Once every 10 minutes of game time, a gong will chime through the room with deafening effect. Each time it sounds, delvers should make level 1 saving rolls on Constitution--taking 1 hit to CON if they miss. They will also be deafened and unable to hear each other for 5 minutes after the gong sounds. They should be encouraged to decide quickly whether they want the armor or not.