Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 433--High Wire Room

This is a standard Gristlegrim room with doors in the center of all four walls.

But there is no floor.

From each door a rope extends across the room to the opposite door. These are sturdy hawsers, but still not more than two inches wide. Where the ropes cross in the center is a small platform five feet in diameter with a treasure chest in the center, brimming over with gold pieces. There are 5000 gold pieces in the chest. Walking the rope to the chest requires 2 L4SRs on DEX. Falling is a 50 foot drop to a stony floor that would do 10D6 of CON damage. Characters may choose to hold onto the rope with both hands and knees like a sloth, but that is much slower and requires 4 L2SRs to reach the center platform.

Characters with magic could fly through the room. If they attempt that, the pterodactyls will be loosed on them. One pterodactyl with a monster rating of 100 will appear and attack each flying character.

If players dare to take any money from the chest, panels in the walls will slide out of the way and expose giant fans that will create uncertain breezes and double the difficulty of getting back to a wall door and exiting the room.

There is a rope from the center of the platform leading down to the floor. Characters who fall off the ropes and survive the fall, may climb back up to the ropes by making 2 level 6 saving rolls on STR and DEX.