Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 411--Pickaxe room

This is a standard Gristlegrim room. There are doors in all 4 walls, and a spiral staircase in the southeast corner leading to a random room on the floor above and the floor below.

Scattered around the floor every couple of feet are what look like small boulders made of coal, each being from one to three feet in diameter. Also lying on the floor in various places are 3 pickaxes.

There is a corpse near a boulder lying in a blackened space on the floor. The man is badly burned. Searching the body will locate a sax and a pouch with 4 jewels in it: 1 sapphire worth 200 g.p., 1 emerald worth 300 g.p., 1 ruby worth 450 g.p., and 1 diamond worth 700 g.p. On the floor nearby is a split-open coal boulder and inside it is what looks like another diamond.

In fact, there is one gem inside each boulder, but some of the boulders are trapped to explode. The boulders can be split open with the pickaxes. Every time a boulder is split, make a Luck saving roll with a level determined by rolling 2D6 (DARO). If the saving roll is missed, there is an explosion, doing damage equal to the number missed by in D6.

(Example: Khenn needs to make a L7 Luck saving roll to split open a lump of coal. He needs to roll a 15 on 2D6 but only rolls 11. He missed by 4, and so rolls 4D6 to see how much damage he took when the boulder exploded. He rolls 4D6 and gets 14. His armor takes 10 points of damage-Khenn takes 4. That probably won't kill him. )

Once the coal is opened, Khenn rolls on a random jewel generator to see what he got, and how much it is worth.

If players take more than three turns opening coal, bamf in some level 4 creatures from monster control to make things interesting for them.