Gristlegrim's Monsters Ape-men

Picture over-muscled chimpanzees wearing a loincloth and carrying primitive stone-tipped spears and you have the ape-men of Trollworld. They are also somehwat bigger than chimpanzees, and the faces are about halfway to neanderthal in appearance. They troop together in packs of hunters ranging in number from 2 to 12.

Ape Men by David A. Ullery

Monster Ratings:

Level 1 About 4 feet tall 30
Level 2 About 5 feet tall 50
Level 3 About 6 feet tall 70
Level 4 About 7 feet tall 90
Level 5 About 8 feet tall 110
Level 6 About 9 feet tall 130

Ape-men don't get larger than 9 feet tall. Roll 2d6 to determine how many are in the pack. Roll 1d6 to determine level of each member of the pack. The biggest one will be the leader. Ape-men are normally hostile, but speak Simian, and can be tricked if delvers are clever enough. They fight using their monster ratings, but may leave stone-headed spears and flint-knives behind when beaten.

Artworks on this page Copyright 2010 David A. Ullery, used by kind permission.
Thanks go to Garrlakk.