Gristlegrim's Monsters Balruks

Balruks are winged flame-demons. They tend to be big, ugly, mean, and carry flaming whips. They are only found on the lower levels of Gristlegrim. They fly about as well as a chicken. Characters meeting a Balruk must make a Luck saving roll at the Balruk's level against fear. If they fail, they are badly rattled by the creature, and take whatever they missed the saving roll by as negative adds in combat. If they fail, and they are planning to cast a spell in combat, they lose concentration, and the spell fizzles, though they still lose the kremm/mana/power/strength for the attempt.

Monster Ratings:

Level 4 About 20 feet tall m.r. 400
Level 5 About 24 feet tall m.r. 500
Level 6 About 28 feet tall m.r. 600

These are, of course, relatively small balruks. With their flaming whips, they are in range of their foes from anywhere within a standard room.