Gristlegrim's Monsters Dragons, Small

A dungeon like Gristlegrim doesn't really have room for full-sized dragons in it, therefore, the Dwarf God, has gathered some small ones to use as pets. These are classic wingless dragons, built something like a stegosaurus with a row of bony spikes going down its back. They can belch out dragon-acid which generally ignites on contact with air to produce a blast of flame. They have mighty tails that strike with battering force, and the front legs end in mighty claws that can serve them as hands. One tenth of their monster rating may be applied as an armor value for their scaly skins. They come in all colors--some even have stripes or polka-dots.

Monster Ratings:

Level 1 About 11 feet long 60
Level 2 About 15 feet long 120
Level 3 About 19 feet long 240
Level 4 About 23 feet long 480
Level 5 About 27 feet long 960
Level 6 About 31 feet long 1920

The dragon's offense in combat comes chiefly from its fiery breath in combat. Those with protection against flame may discount extra dragon hits. Fighters may attempt to dodge by making either Luck or Dexterity saving rolls on the same level as the dragon they are dodging. Dragons get two fiery blasts for each level of toughness. A level 1 dragon would only get 2 blasts during a fight; a level 6 would get 12. Without fire, the dragon has its monster rating divided in half for combat. Only one dragon will appear in a room at a time.

Small dragons are not intelligent, and never have any treasure of their own, though Gristlegrim will often use them as treasure guards.