Gristlegrim's Monsters Chameleorcs

When Loopo the Mad Mage first mutated captive elves into orcs, he did it in part by combining their cell plasm with the cell plasm of various types of lizards. This toughened their skins, flattened their brows, and gave them many other reptilian traits. He experimented with more than one type of saurian, and thus there are considerable differences between various tribes of the Orcish peoples.

One group of Orcs came from chameleons. They gained the power to change their skin colors to match that of their background. Loopo thought he could make nigh invisible spies and scouts out of such Orcs. While the process worked, and the Orcs gained camoflage skin, there was nothing he could do to change their large glaring green eyes or their desire to wield weapons and wear armor--all of which messed up the camoflage.

Still, some chameleorcs don't mind going naked and keeping their eyes hidden. They make very effective scouts and spies.

Chameleorcs would have attributes like a normal Orc, but if you use monster ratings for them, then they look like this:

Level 1: 20
Level 2: 40
Level 3: 60
Level 4: 90
Level 5: 100
Level 6: 120