Gristlegrim's Monsters Deathknights

Deathknights by David A. UlleryDeathknighs are members of the Living Skeleton kindred, specially equipped with magical black armor and sword. Their attributes are all 20s, or any other number up to 99 that the Game Master wishes it to be. Their swords are enchanted to do one extra die of damage each succeeding combat round, but they revert to their base value of 4D6 if the knight or the foe is slain. These swords only gain this power for one wearing the deathknight armor.

Deathknights are not truly alive, nor can they truly die unless they are totally destroyed by fire. When their Constitutions are reduced to zero or less, they become inert, but they regenerate at a rate of 1 point per two minutes of game time. They do not activate again until their full Constitution value has been regained. Their armor takes 20 points of damage, and can only be damaged by magic directed directly against it. Cuts and breaks in the armor are possible for someone hitting it hard enough, but they repair themselves magically between one weapon stroke and the next.

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