Gristlegrim's Monsters Bungbiter

The bungbiter, named for its fondness for the deadly bung tree, is a kind of alien chameleon that grows to respectable size--as much as 20 feet in height. It looks something like an old sea chest when it is resting with legs folded beneath it, and tentacles withdrawn into its body. It casts a mild illusion spell to mask its several brown eyes and brownish teeth, and to enhance its resemblence to an old log, or in places where men can be found, it likes to imitate a treasure chest. Bungbiters are omnivorous, but especially like fresh meat--the fresher the better. Fully adult bungbiters have monster ratings between 200 and 1000. Immature bungbiters live in muddy jungle waters and subsist on fish and whatever else they can catch.