Gristlegrim's Monsters Barrow Wights

Barrow Wight, Standing by David A. UlleryBarrow wights are corpses that didn't rot, but have nevertheless gone bad in a big way. Generally they are ancient warriors, buried in full regalia, whose flesh has hardened to the conistency of oak wood. Their strength is prodigious. They are already dead, so weapons may chop them up, but they don't kill them in any normal sense of the word. They cannot abide pure sunlight, and if exposed to it, will burn up and blow away in a cloud of greasy black smoke. Living always in darkness, their skin has taken on an albino hue, pale, very pale. Fingernails, toenails, and teeth have continued to grow so that each wight has formiddable claws, talons, and tusks. Their hair is long, white, and disheveled. (Of course their hair is white, if it was some other color, they'd have been called barrow browns, or barrow blacks.)

To create a barrow wight npc, roll up an ordinary human, but multiply its strength and constitution by four. The Constitution number also serves as an armor value, and only hits in excess of the total CON value count as actual damage to the barrow wight. Arm them with old spears or swords or axes, and usually there should be some sort of curse on the weapons they use. The G.M. may place any desired curse or enchantment on their weapons.

Barrow Wight, Face by David A. Ullery

Barrow wights frequently have treasure to guard, and guarding it may be their only real motivation. Roll 1D1000 for a number of gold coins and add one to six items from the T & T random gem creator. Usually, there will only be one barrow wight per tomb, but in rare cases there may be more. Gristlegrim has collected a couple dozen of them from all over Trollworld and may hit the party with more than one--usually one per every four delvers.

Although barrow wights can't really be slain, they can be de-animated by magic, or burned up, or chopped into tiny pieces. If either of the two latter things happen, the unhappy spirit may try to take over the body of one of the living members of the delver band that did it to him.

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