Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 505--Invisible Armor

This is a standard Gristlegrim room with doors on the east and west walls.

The room appears to be empty, but it has a line of pegs, each about 6 feet off the ground on all four walls. There are also weapon racks suitable for holding swords, spears, and axes. These racks and pegs are full of weapons and armor - everything that can be found in the T & T rulebook, but it is all invisible.

The weapons get their normal dice in combat, but are invisible, and count as magical weapons. The armor protects as it normally would, but is totally invisible and counts as magical armor. The armor can be rendered visible for a combat turn by casting Oh There It Is on it. Paints, dyes, or other tricks that make invisible things show up will also work.

The room is, or course, guarded by an invisible man in invisible armor. His instructions are to let any one delver take any one piece of equipment, but to attack if the delver tries to take more than one. He gives no warning. Because he is invisible, the delver's combat roll is cut in half. The invisible guardian has a monster rating of 100.