Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 516--Jungle Rot

This is not a standard Gristlegrim room. It looks like a standard room from the outside although the delvers may sense magic because of the illusion.

Once they step inside they find themselves inside a very humid jungle. Huge trees soar up into the sky on all sides. The ground is muddy and hard to walk on. Vines and creepers dangle down on all sides. Insects are everywhere. Butterflies, as big as the delvers' heads, flit from one lotus blossom to the next. High overhead the trees are alive with troops of monkeys, hooting and gibbering loudly, so loudly that the delvers have to shout to hear each other.

Everything is moist and damp. Players can almost see the vegetation growing. They become moist and damp, and anything non-metallic begins to rot away. For each combat turn spent in the jungle have each player make a Luck saving roll. Have the saving rolls be one level higher each round. If the roll is missed, have something literally disintegrate on them. Things that would rot quickly: gloves, belts, backpacks, pouches, shirts, pants, shoes, boots, scabbards, hats. When the delver runs out of externals that would start to rot, their lungs start to go, costing them 1D6 CON points per combat turn.

To get out of the jungle players must actively search for an exit. Doors are concealed in the trunks of trees. To find one, make 2 level 5 saving rolls-one on Luck and one on Intelligence. Finding a door will allow players to exit into another level 5 Gristlegrim room. If they think to ask for a way out, allow them to exit the dungeon into the city of their choice on Trollworld.

Jungle dangers: Once each combat turn have each delver make a L5SR on Luck. If anyone fails, then roll 1D6 to see what happened:

  1. Pit trap - ground gives way. Fall 10 feet. Make a second L5SR on LK to see if the delver landed on a poisoned spear doing 5D6 of damage with another 1D6 poison damage per combat turn until the delver dies or is cured.
  2. Super quick sand. Delver goes down like a shot and asphyxiates if he doesn't escape within 2 combat rounds. Ways out: flying, levitation, having a friend dive in with a rope, find the victim, and then be hauled back out from above.
  3. Poison insect bite. Something bites the delver doing 1D6 poison damage, and causing so much pain that INT is temporarily reduced by 1D6 also.
  4. Snake attack. Delver runs into a large constrictor with a MR equal to 2D6 times 10 (DARO). It thinks it can eat the delver.
  5. Large cat attack. A large carnivorous cat unlike anything the delver has ever seen before springs on him out of ambush. Monster rating of 3D6 times 10 (TARO). Think saber-toothed lyger.
  6. Jungle troll attack. A huge, hideous jungle troll attacks the party. This is a flesh troll, not a rock troll, but it has a monster rating of 1D6 times 100, and it regenerates 1/10 of its base monster rating per combat turn.

If more than one delver misses a saving roll per turn, then it is possible for more than one of the bad things listed above to happen on the same combat turn.