Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 509--Wild Ride

This is a standard Gristlegrim room. There are doors on all 4 walls and a stairway in the northeast corner going down to level 6.

The room has a carousel in it. It's a big one with six rows of creatures from edge to center. There is a sign near each entrance door saying, FREE RIDES in Dwarvish runes. As soon as a player sits on a creature the carousel goes around and around and the animals go up and down, those riding them will become deliriously happy-so happy in fact that they don't want to get off. It will require a L5SR on INT for anyone to muster the willpower to climb off the carousel animal and get off.

If players walk on the floor of the carousel and do not climb onto an animal, after one turn the merry-go-round will start to revolve slowly and the hurdy-gurdy music will start to play. The effect will be to cause pain in the feet and do 1D6 damage to the delver. This will continue until all delvers are seated or have left the ride.

Searching the carousel will find one rider in the inner row that did not manage to get off the carousel in time. Only his bones remain, but there's a full set of plate armor, an enchanted broadsword that does 10D6 + 10 in combat, a ring of variable luck that adds 1D6 to LK attribute during any Luck saving roll, and a pouch with 284 gold pieces in it. To find this corpse the player must state that he is searching and has gotten into the inner (6th row) of riding animals.

To get out of the trap, all they have to do is dismount and hop off the carousel, making a L3SR on DEX to avoid taking falling damage when they disembark.