Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 508--You Have a Bad Feeling

This is a standard Gristlegrim room. There are doors on all 4 walls and a stairway going both up and down to the floors above and below in the southwest corner.

This room exudes such a powerful aura of bad magic that any wizard can feel it before even opening the door. Looking into the room, the delvers see a beautiful park, green grass, low bushes, a few bones and corpses scattered here and there. Roll 2D6 per character to see how many steps they get into the room before the trap activates.

Any magical jewel, weapon, or artefact-any enchanted or magical object will explode doing 5D6 damage to its owner. If there is no magic, there is no explosion.

Example: A wizard carrying a deluxe staff, a magic ring, and an enchanted toothpick would have to take 15D6 worth of damage, and all three of those things would be destroyed.

When an explosion happens, everyone else is knocked down and stunned for 2D6 combat turns. No saving roll, no escape, just - Ka-boom!