Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 514--Just Add Water Room

This is a standard room, 100 feet square with dimly glowing walls. There are sliding doors on the north, west, and south walls. Strengths needed to open them are 26, 17, and 8 respectively. In the northeast corner are stairs going up through a hole in the ceiling and down through a hole in the wall. In the center of the room is a low dais of black stone that is 20 feet square. In the exact center of that is a small bubbling fountain full of milky water. Inscribed around the fountain is a large red circle about 12 feet in diameter. At various points equidistant around the perimeter of the circle are 12 light brown pellets. There is a small sign painted flat on the surface next to the fountain in Dwarven runes that says: "Just add water!" Anyone with magical abilities will sense strong functional magic on the fountain, the pellets, and the circle.

The twelve pellets are magically dehydrated lizards, desert lizards with their fierce poisonous claws that grow to be about seven feet long, up to two feet high, and have monster ratings of 100. If they get any of the fountain's water on them, they will expand to full size and attack. Inside each lizard's skull is a diamond-likr jewel worth 1000 gold pieces. You can see part of the diamond on the lizard's forehead.

The circle is cursed with a compulsion spell. Anyone standing inside the circle will feel an overwhelming urge to throw the pellets in the pool. Make a level 5 saving roll on intelligence to resist the compulsion.

The fountain is magical water specially designed to bring the lizards to full size and ferocity in less than 10 seconds. In fact, any water will cause them to expand into their lizardly selves, but ordinary water is much slower, taking about 5 minutes to achieve the effect.

If any of the pills get wet, the lizards emerge, and there should be a fierce fight.

If the delvers dither around in the room for a full 10 minutes from the time they enter it, the fountain will suddenly erupt and get all the pills wet. That should lead to a very fierce melee.

Any delver foolish enough to ingest one of the pellets will have the lizard come to life inside his stomach with results that should be fatal to most beings. A rock troll or a dragon might survive.

Delvers smart enough to simply take the pellets and keep them in a dry place will have a magically dehydrated lizard which they may be able to use advantageously at some time in the future.