Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 541--Loathsome Sacrifice Room

This is not your standard Gristlegrim room, but appears to be some sort of temple hallways hewn from black cobalt stone.

Massive black pillars on both sides of the hall support a metallic roof made of hammered copper. The floor is split by fissures and cracks 2 to 3 feet wide. Tongues of flame frequently leap up out of these cracks in the floor. Players need to make a L1SR when stepping or leaping across the cracks in the floor to avoid being hit by a tongue of flame that will do 10 points of burn damage to CON and that ignores armor protection.

There is a path that zigzags around the cracks, and if the delvers are careful and stick to the path, then when someone misses a saving roll, the flame doesn't hit them-it's simply nearby and does 1 point of CON damage.

A shrill screaming comes from the back of the temple.

The back of the hall is the lair of Grristmekk the Balrukk. (M.R. = 500, 24 feet tall. Bat wings, eyes of flame, long forked tongue, curling ram horns, fireproof leathery body). His weapon is a flaming magical whip that does 51D6 of damage, but that has been laid aside.

Chained across a large black basalt altar is the nearly nude body of a titanic woman - 12 feet tall, perfectly proportioned, wearing only metal breastplates of gold and a short torn skirt of supple leather. The balrukk has cut her once, a shallow horizontal cut from side to side of her torso just below her breasts. Blood oozes from the cut. She is screaming in fear and horror. Behind the altar is a hideous statue of a balrukk, twice as large and twice as ugly as Grristmekk. Its eyes pulse with orange fire. The titaness has an M.R. of 100, and if rescued, she will join the delvers and fight on their side until they leave level 5. When that happens she will leave them in some spectacular fashion to be decided by the G.M.

If the delvers dare to fight the Balrukk and overcome it, they will find a treasure chest hidden under the altar with 5000 gold pieces worth of jewels and jewelry - none of it magical. They could take his whip, but I doubt if any could use it since it requires a STR and DEX of 100 each to wield, and instead of it being a thin lash, it is more like a swinging chain of great thickness.

The only exit is back through the entrance, but this exit will lead them randomly to a room on level 6 of the dungeon.