Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 566--Demon World

Demon World is a place of heat and darkness. There is never a sun or a moon or stars in the sky-simply an infinite blackness. Light comes from rivers of lava flowing constantly out of erupting volcanoes and from fire-pits of immense size with flames raging inside them. The chief inhabitants of this region are demons. Demons are a shape-shifting race of infinite diversity.

Demons have the same attributes as other races in T & T: Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Wizardry, Luck, Dexterity, Speed, and Charisma. STR, CON, WIZ, LK, DEX, and CHR all roll 5D6. If 4 or more dice are the same number, roll them again and add to the total. Demons are generally not too smart. Give them only 2D6 for INT. However, doubles add and roll over, thus, it is possible that there are some brilliant ones. Demons are shape shifters and can take any form, but in their natural shape they are humanoid with crimson skin, horns on their heads, a sinewy tail with a barbed tip, and large featherless bat-wings sprouting from their shoulder blades. Their eyes look like dancing flames, and their teeth often protrude from their mouths. Instead of feet with toes, they have hooves, and their lower legs and forearms are extremely shaggy.

They are all shape shifters, and can take any form they wish. Favorite forms include the fiercer beasts of many worlds, including dragons. They also delight in taking human forms, especially for the purpose of tormenting human beings.

Demon World is rich in minerals of every sort, including gems. Demons build their civilization out of metal, and they maintain volcanic foundries for the refining and working of metals. Heavier metals are actually more common than light minerals. Buildings are made of iron, gold, lead, uranium.

Vegetation in Demon World consists entirely of fungus-hardy fungi quite capable of getting their nourishment directly from the rich volcanic rock that is everywhere. Trees are replaced with gigantic mushrooms and toadstools. Rusts and slimes blanket most surfaces that aren't bare stone.

Power belongs to the mightiest. There are no nations, no cities, no organizations. There are gangs controlled by their strongest member. There is no love, no honor, no courage or duty. There is only fear and compulsion.

There is slavery. The demons raid the higher worlds and bring back other races to work for them. Humans are like cattle to them-a source of food and menial labor. Dwarves are prized for their mining abilities. Uruks serve as overseers and slave soldiers.

A typical adventure in Demon World might call for the rescue of someone abducted from another world by a demon, or the stealing of a fabulous jewel, or the assassination of a demon lord.

For delvers who wander into Demon World from Gristlegrim, it might be sufficient to simply stay alive and find a way to escape this Hell.

Demon magic is not limited by the conception of known spells. Demons simply think about what they want to do, and then a combination of INT + WIZ must overcome the resistance of the world itself. Player against player is a matter of who rolls the high number on dice where number of dice equals the INT of the caster plus the number of WIZ points poured into the spell. When not fighting another being, the demon must beat the roll of a D100 with his combined dice and WIZ points expended.