Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 515--The Waiting Room

This is another ordinary looking room, more ordinary than most, in fact. It's 100 feet on each side, but the interior of the room is carpeted and furnished with dozens of comfy chairs and couches. There are some low tables in the room, and atop those are baskets of fresh fruits--your choice. You might also find some old copies of the Dungeon Delvers Gazette, Gristlegrim Daily Massacre, Better Castles and Labyrinths--that sort of light consumer entertainment.

If anyone sits down, have them make a Level 1 Saving roll on Luck. If they fail the roll, they get teleported out of the room. Roll 1D6. 1 = north. 2 = east. 3 = south. 4 = west. 5 = up. 6 = down. Teleportees go to the next room over, instantaneously, but of course, they don't know that. Those who fail to teleport simply get the experience points for the saving roll.

If they rest for more than 10 minutes, have seated members make a L2 saving roll on luck. Those who fail are teleported, as above. And so forth, for each 10 minutes of resting, increase the level of the saving roll required by one level.

Those who would be teleported outside of the dungeon find themselves safely on the ground a mile below. They get 500 experience points for having survived their trip to Gristlegrim.

Whenever they feel like it, the delvers can look for a way out. There is a secret door on the north wall. There is a standard sliding door on the south wall, but it is magically locked. It requires a L5 Knock Knock to open it. In the northeast corner of the room is a stairway leading both up and down.