Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 301--The Masked Death Room

This is one of Gristlegrim's standard rooms--100 feet cubical. In the center of the room is a throne, and sitting upon it is a beautiful young woman--at least she could be beautiful. She has a curvaceious form and is dressed in silk pantaloons and a light vest that barely covers her breasts. Her skin is a flawless and very pale white in color. Her face is covered with a hideous mask of a skull.

Standing around the throne are seven warriors in black plate armor. They are all the same size and armed witht the same black sword. They are silent, but if anyone tries to approach the princess, they spring into action and attack. These warriors have attributes that are equalized. They are all 20s. Their armor provides 20 points of protection as it is magical. It covers all parts of their bodies except their faces, which are shown to be naked skulls with vacant eye-holes. Their swords are worth 4D6 in combat. The swords are enchanted to grow more powerful as the fight continues. On combat round one they are worth 4D6; combat round 2 gives them 5D6; combat round 3 makes them 6D6 and so on until the end of the combat when the warrior is either slain, or has slain its foe. Each black deathknight has 12 combat adds. Deathknights will fight one on one with foes if it seems that they can win that way. If they start to lose, and an extra knight is available, it will jump in and help its comrade.

The princess will speak in a chilling voice, "Greetings, Wanderers! Do you dare to kiss the skull of Death herself? Any who succeed will win a fabulous boon." She will not state what the boon is, except to say that it will improve your fighting prowess. She will not give information about the dungeon. In fact, the boon is the ability to drain life from an opponent with one's touch. Those who manage to kiss the skull will get the ability to drain 1D6 CON from a foe per combat round by simply touching the foe with the bare hand.

If a deathknight takes 20 points of combat damage, it will be momentarily slain. It stays dead for a number of combat turns equal to how far below zero it's CON has been driven.

The Masked Princess of Death is not vulnerable to attack. If anyone tries a physical or magical attack against her, she will simply shimmer out of existence until such time as the fools have departed from her chamber.

This room has sliding doors on the north, and east walls, requiring strengths of 36 and 27 to open.