Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 322--Elf World

Elf World

In the Elven language, the word for world is Forest. Imagine a world that is all forest-every kind of forest you can imagine, but all forest. As Game Master, you would do well to set your adventure in the kind of forest that you are most familiar with. A good way to get the characters to Elf World would be to have either an Elven wizard or Gristlegrim himself send them there. They could be on a quest for a rare plant, or be sent to help an elven group that is in difficulties. When the adventure is over, the same wizard will bring the delvers back to Trollworld.

The most interesting thing about Elf World is that there is no metal. None! The Elves make all their tools from plant products and bones. The soil is deep and rich almost everywhere. Even the hills and mountains are heavily forested. It is difficult to even find a rock. There is no gold, silver, iron or any other metal. When characters bring metallic objects of any kind into Elf World, they are bringing in stuff that is incredibly rare-unheard of, incomprehensible to the Elves.

The Elves

Every kind of imaginable Elf lives in Elf World. Elves, Fairies, Huldra Folk (beautiful in front, hollow behind), Leprechauns, Brownies, Low Elves, High Elves, Dark Elves. If you have a bizarre concept for a new form of Elf, this would be a great place to use it.

Elves that meet players will assume that they are new forms of Elves. If there is an Elf in the party, the players should easily be able to make contact, and befriend them. With no recognizable elf in the party, the native elves will try to take the delvers prisoner.

Animal Encounters

Elf World is full of mega-fauna, and it is quite abundant. The G.M. should roll for random encounters about once every five game turns.

Roll 1D6

1-4 Something harmless: a bird, a deer, a goat, a horse, a turtle, a frog, a lizard, a small snake, a harmless insect.

5-6 Something hostile: a big cat, a big snake, a forest dragon, a giant spider, a wart hog, a wild water buffalo.

In the event that there is an encounter, have everyone make a L2SR on either INT or on any Talent that could apply to survival. Those that miss the saving roll are taken off guard and get no action on the first combat round. Those that make the saving roll may try to attack. For harmless animals roll 1D6 and multiply by 10 to get a monster rating. For dangerous animals roll 3D6 and multiply by 10 for a monster rating. Don't forget that triples add and roll over. You might want to determine the monster rating first before announcing what the creature is. Remember that this is a world of giant animals-you could easily have a saber-toothed cat with a monster rating of 300.

In the event of harmless animals, they will try to run away, and succeed unless the delvers can somehow wound them. Saving rolls on INT or an appropriate talent will be needed to track any wounded animal. A L1SR should be sufficient.

Hostile animals will fight for at least 2 combat rounds. If they are still alive, but losing after two rounds of combat, they will flee. Tracking them requires a L2SR on INT or appropriate Talent.

Give the players at least one encounter with the animals of Elf World. After that, arrange an encounter with a group of 1D6 Elves who are out hunting.

The Elves respect hunters. Delvers who manage to slay an animal and share it with Elves will be treated with great honor. Delvers who let a wounded animal escape to die of its wounds are despised.

Dragons and Spiders

Besides the Elves there are two other intelligent Kindreds on Elf World: Dragons and Spiders. Both Kindreds consider the Elves to be prey.


The Dragons tend to be enormous, with monster ratings of 2D6 times 100. Dragon spite damage takes the form of blasts of flame that do full damage. The GM should have all characters make a L1SR on DEX or any agility-based Talent to avoid flame damage. If the players make their saving rolls, give all the flame damage to any native Elves in the party. Anyone who fails gets hit with a blast of flame that does 6 points of damage for each 6 the Dragon rolled.


The Spiders like to take over sections of the forest and spin enormous webs. The Spiders can produce a silk that is transparent and very hard to see. Characters following a game trail should have the point person make a L2SR on Luck each game turn to see if he/she blunders into a Spider web. The webs are quite sticky and will require a L3SR on STR to break free. When webs are shaken, giant Spiders come running to see what they have caught. Every time a web is touched, roll 1D6 to see how many Spiders are attracted. Each Spider has a monster rating of 2D6 times 10 where doubles add and roll over. The Spiders have a poisonous bite-figure it kicks in as spite damage. Spider venom paralyzes. Each point of poison damage that gets to a delver reduces his/her DEX by 1D6 points. If DEX reaches zero or below, the character is paralyzed and cannot move. If DEX goes below the minimum requirement for using a weapon, the weapon will be dropped and cannot be used.

A Couple of Quests

Elves in Elf World live in small bands of 5D6 adult members. Of those, half can fight. The ambitious GM may roll up as many Elves as needed, or he/she could go to Eposic.org and find the T & T character generator, and let Eposic do the character creation work for them. Alternately, the Elves could be regarded as monsters with monster ratings equal to 3D6 times 10. Elvish weapons tend to be bow and arrow, or spears or javelins. They also have wooden daggers and swords with very sharp points, but not much of an edge. They sometimes make arrow or spear points from sharpened bones.

If players ally themselves with an Elven group, drag them into a major confrontation with either Spiders or a Dragon.

If either the players or the elven group seems weak, send them to clear a Spider-infested part of the forest. Victory conditions should be 1D6 + 1 webs destroyed and their guardian Spiders vanquished. At the end of the battle, gather spider silk, and spider heads as trophies. Or not.

If the players or the Elves in the group seem very strong, send them to slay a Dragon. The Elves will know where a Dragon can be found in its cave. Catching the Dragon inside will prevent it from flying. The ideal thing would be to sneak up on it while it is asleep, and get one free attack before it is aware of trouble. To do so, every member of the delving party must make a L2SR on DEX or an appropriate Talent. If they make it, they get to wake a sleeping dragon. If anyone fails, the Dragon will be waiting and will attack when the party gets into range.

If the players manage to finish either quest, find a way to send them back to Trollworld. If you play for 3 hours without getting through a quest, send them back to Trollworld.