Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 331--Dark Room

This is a standard room, but unlike most rooms in Gristlegrim, it is not lighted. In fact, it is dark as the depths of the earth--no sources of light at all. Adventurers will have to provide their own light once they enter.

The Dark Room has no treasure, no furniture, no fancy set-up at all. However, once the adventurers have entered the room, and the door has vanished behind them, they will hear a sinister laugh (BWA-HA-HA!), and get a whiff of sulphur as one or more level 3 monsters gets teleported into the room with them. The only way out will be to get the key that the monster is carrying. Having the key will enable them to find and open the secret door in the west wall.

While holding the key, if any adventurer should wish that the door was an exit from Gristlegrim, it will prove to be so, and they will step out of the dungeon into the Temple of the Dwarfgod in beautiful uptown Khazan.