Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 329--Pet Store

This is not a standard Gristlegrim room. The way in is the way out, but going out will take you to a different room than the one the delvers entered from

The room is a menagerie, with dozens of different types of creatures being kept in appropriate cages, but it is a pet shop for warriors.

The proprietor is a giant named Garrgarrag. He's about 20 feet tall and wears enchanted leather armor that takes 600 hits in combat. He has a 60D6 club, but he's friendly. What he wants to do is sell his pets to someone who will provide them with a good home.

Pet Shop by David A. Ullery

Let the delvers ask what kind of animals they find in the pet shop, in reply, simply say: "There are all sorts of animals." If they ask if there is a particular type of animal then always say: "Yes, but it's a young one."

Prices start at 10 gold pieces for small pets like a kitten or a puppy, and go into the thousands of gold pieces for a baby dragon.

Garrgarrag the giant will take credit, but if you can't pay for the entire pet he will also take magical security in the form of life energy from you-one point of any attribute being worth 100 gold pieces.

In addition, any pet purchased must be bonded to its new master. This is done through the spell: Soul Mingle which only Garrgarrag knows. The animal absorbs half of its owners Charisma attribute and adds one tenth of its monster rating as additional charisma for the pair.

For example, Khenn bought a baby hippogriff with a current monster rating of 10 and a grown monster rating of 200 for a cost of 2000 gold pieces. Khenn's CHR attribute is 40. If he goes any place without his pet hippogriff his CHR is reduced to 20, but if he brings it along, his CHR is increased to 41.

As the animal grows and its monster rating increases, so too will the CHR of the owner augment and Khenn will eventually have a pet he can ride through the skies on.

But Khenn doesn't have 2000 gold pieces. The giant puts a lien spell upon him so that whenever Khenn gains any gold, silver, or copper, half of that money magically goes to Garrgarrag in Gristlegrim until the full value of the pet is paid off.

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