Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 309--Ogre Circus

This is a standard Gristlegrim room with doors to the west and south.

Ogre Clown by David A. UlleryAround the edges of the room are bleachers, but most of the room is taken up with a giant circus ring. In the center of the ring is an ogre made up as a clown (monster rating = 150-16D6 + 75), and around him are 6 Urook clowns (monster ratings 50 each-6D6 + 25). The urooks are armed with clown clubs (6D6 weapons).

The ogre maintains his balance on an ogre-sized unicycle.

On both sides of the ring are 50 foot high poles with ladders leading up to small platforms at the top. Way up there, 50 feet above the ground, is a high wire, and also spread between two other poles are a set of trapezes.

In the ring are some large rubber balls with stars on them, and some boxy platforms.

The stands are semi-full of an assortment of humanoid monsters along with the occasional giant insect-delvers see some blue ants.

The ogre calls on the delvers to entertain the crowd with feats of dexterity and skill. He promises rewards to those who perform and pain to those who don't.

There are four feats the players could try:

  1. Juggling daggers-L2SR on DEX or talent. Reward. 1D6 g.p. for success. Fight an urook clown for failure.
  2. Balancing on a ball and rolling it around the ring. L3SR on DEX or talent. Reward 2D6 g.p. for success. Fall and injury of 1D6 CON points for failure.
  3. Walking the high wire without a net. L4SR on DEX or talent. Reward 3D6 g.p. for success. Fall and injury of 5D6 CON points for failure.
  4. The flying trapeze requires 3 delvers. Two catchers and 1 flyer. Requires L5SR on DEX or talent for all 3. Fall and injury of 6D6 CON points for failure. Reward 1D6 times 100 g.p. for each successful trapeze artist.

If the delvers refuse to participate in the circus, the clowns are sent out to force them. If the clowns are not enough, the ogre will also attack.

Artworks on this page Copyright 2010 David A. Ullery, used by kind permission.
Thanks go to Garrlakk.