Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 316--Bullseye Room.

This is a standard Gristlegrim room with doors on the north and south walls.

There are two treasure chests in the center of the room. Near the chests is a 30 foot bullseye painted on the floor. The gold circle in the center is 10 feet in diameter. The red circle surrounding it goes out another five feet, and the blue circle beyond that goes five more feet.

The delvers will sense benevolent magic in this room, but will not be able to pinpoint it. The treasure chests are ordinary wooden chests without locks or traps.

If a chest is opened, the door opposite by which the characters entered will fly open, and an uruk captain, (monster rating = 150), and nine uruk guardsmen, (monster rating = 60 each), charge into the room. "Death to all robbers!" shouts the captain in urukish. "By Gris, kill them all!" These uruks will fight until half of them are dead (or they win), then will retreat for reinforcements. If characters linger more than 10 minutes in the room, the uruks will return - 20 of them this time with monster ratings of 60 each.

Should anyone walk onto the bullseye and stand still for at least 10 seconds, there will be a flash of same-colored energy as the circle in which the delver is standing that will temporarily increase a delver's attribute. This effect will only work once per delver. The gold circle doubles the character's STR for 20 combat turns; the red circle doubles the character's INT for 20 combat turns; the blue circle heals all the character's wounds back up to normal level of CON.

One chest has 3400 silver pieces in it. The other has 2800 gold pieces in it. Hidden in the bottom of the gold chest, (L3SR on LK or INT to find it), is a vial of healing potion that will heal 4D6 CON points when drunk, and if that healing brings the drinker's CON to a higher total than when he started, that new high becomes the character's base CON from then on.