Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 303--Gristlegrim's Wardrobe

It is hard to tell how big or small this room is because it is filled with aisles and aisles of wardrobe racks. Every imaginable kind of clothing is hanging from these racks. Shirts, pants, ties, bras, swim suits, hats, armor. Socks, shoes, capes, belts, hoods, windbreakers, blouses, skirts. Male and female clothing. Or armor. Delvers in this room need only make a level one saving roll on luck to find anything they want.

There are two catches to this wardrobe bonanza. Everything is made for a dwarf about five feet tall. If you're not a dwarf, it doesn't look like any of this stuff will fit you. Second, it's all made out of gold--cloth of gold, metal of gold, leather of gold. You have to really like the color yellow when you're wearing this stuff.

The clothing is all enchanted. Anyone who can detect magic at all feels intense functional magic coming from every piece of clothing. And since the clothing is all made of gold it is intensely heavy. When anything is worn, the wearer must make a level 3 saving roll on strength or it will crush him to the ground most painfully--just as if invisible magical hands were forcing the wearer down.

There is only one chance to make the saving roll. Fail it and you pass out painfully to awaken stark naked on the plain below the dungeon. No clothes, no weapons, no armor, no loot, and Strength is decreased by whatever you missed the saving roll by.

If you make the saving roll, you suddenly feel like a king. Strength, Constitution, and Charisma (or Appearance) are doubled for as long as you wear the clothing. Roll 2D6 and multiply by 1000 g.p. for the value of the clothing.

Note: Random monsters will start appearing if the delvers stay in the room too long, or try to take more than one piece of clothing. Also, any piece of clothing that is removed from a delver vanishes the instant he or she puts it down.

This room has sliding doors on the north, and south walls. The north door is locked and will require level 3 Knock Knock to open. The south door requires a strength of 30 to move.