Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 313--Anthill

This is the standard Gristlegrim room with doors to the north and west, but the floor is a cone of earth rising to a point about ten feet above the level in the center of the room.

Going in and out of the cone in two lines are giant blue ants. They are the size of ponies, and have monster ratings of 64 each. (7D6 + 32). The ones coming out of the nest are empty-pincered, but the ones going in are carrying nuggets of gold weighing 1D6 pounds each. The ants are getting the nuggets from a hole in the wall just big enough to admit them one at a time. Two ants stand beside the hole and guard it from intruders.

If an ant is attacked for its gold, it will call for help, and 1D6 other ants will join the fight. The ants will keep coming until the delvers are either dead, driven off, or have found some way to beat the whole colony.

If the delvers force their way through the hole that leads to the gold, they will find themselves in a lightless gold mine where ant miners are chipping away at a huge gold deposit. Their pincers are hard as steel, and the miners have monster ratings of 128 each. (13D6 + 64). The ants operate by scent and don't need light.