Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 319--Golden Apples

This is not a standard Gristlegrim room. Once entered, it appears to be a small hill with an apple tree growing at the summit. Ripe, golden yellow apples grow on the tree.

Sleeping at the foot of the tree is a small dragon (Monster Rating 500, Wiz rating 50.)

Apple Dragon by David A. Ullery

It does special damage when sixes are rolled-for each 6 do 2D6 flame damage ignoring armor to whoever rolls lowest on a 2D6 roll.

A way out of the room will not appear until the delvers manage to get a golden apple. The dragon will wake up and defend the apples savagely if anyone tries to steal them…

If an apple is somehow obtained, then a door will appear in the air at the base of the hill, and delvers may escape to another room. If the dragon is slain, taking the head as a trophy would be worth 1000 gold pieces.

(The dragon could be lured away from the tree, perhaps with some fresh meat.)

Artworks on this page Copyright 2010 David A. Ullery, used by kind permission.
Thanks go to Garrlakk.